The Golden Retriever is a dog loved by many people. It is a gentle and docile breed by nature, always very affectionate with the whole family and with children, extremely loyal to the owner, courageous and adventurous. The Golden Retriever is an adorable dog from many points of view, an ‘eternal puppy’ who loves to play but also serious and responsible if needed. This splendid breed has countless positive sides, which leads it to be one of the most loved and most widespread breeds in its country of origin and in continental Europe and the United States, where the Golden Retriever has always been highly appreciated. Let’s try to understand together the character of the Golden Retriever, its historical origins, and some information about the health and maintenance of the coat of this beautiful animal.

Origin of the Golden Retriever

The history of the Golden Retriever begins in the mid-1800s in the UK. It was a nobleman, Lord Tweedmouth, who first selected the breed: his goal was to obtain an excellent retriever hunting dog. He needed a dog with an excellent memory, who could memorize where the prey fell to go and get it later; this is because, being that period of repeating weapons, hunting dogs could no longer invade the field without danger of being hit. So the Scottish nobleman, during the 19th century, began to select the first Golden Retrievers starting from the setters and trying to keep the characteristic golden coat.

Lord Tweedmouth reported in detail and with attention all the crossings he made and the various couplings. The cross was between a yellow wavy-haired Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel. Four puppies were born with golden and wavy fur.

The Lord continued with some crossings and mating to improve the breed and make it attentive and faithful. In 1913 the Golden Retriever breed obtained their own Origins book in the UK Kennel Club. It was called ‘Golden or Yellow Retriever”. In 1920 it took its current name, Golden Retriever, and the breed standards were laid down for the first time. The first specialized herds of Golden Retrievers began to exist in 1920, and then in 1860, it was recognized as a new breed. 

Golden Retriever size and appearance 

The Golden Retriever is a medium to large breed dog. The male reaches a height of 56-61 cm and the female 51-56 cm maximum. The male weighs from 30 to 34 kg and the female from about 25 to 32 kg.

The Golden Retriever has a muscular, toned, strong appearance. It has a molded head, broad skull, well-set eyes, and a black nose. It has medium-sized ears, strong jaws, round paws, and cat feet. 

Golden Retriever life expectancy and cleanliness

The Golden has a life expectancy of almost fifteen years if kept and fed well: this is a long life for such a large dog. Fortunately, the Golden Retriever is a dog that stays clean enough without too much difficulty, has a coat that requires brushing about once a day to keep it clean and shiny.

When your dog is molting, don’t forget to brush him every day to prevent knots from forming. Fortunately, the Golden Retriever’s coat repels dirt, so even if it gets muddy, an excellent dry and brushing are enough to clean it at its best. The bath must be done at least twice a year always and only using specific products for dogs. Before washing, clean the hair thoroughly by brushing it to remove excess. The nails should be kept short and clean, checking them at least once a month. Ears also require maintenance, clean off excess ear wax.

A dog breed capable of giving unconditional love and lots of affection: that’s why choosing a Golden Retriever is always a good idea!

If you find yourself having to choose the first dog, and you are faced with the classic question, “does this breed of dog suit my personality?” 

Why, then, should you choose a Golden Retriever dog breed? Here are 12 good reasons.

Pros of the golden retriever

1. Golden Retrievers are sweet and charming

The Golden Retriever is a dog known for some very positive character qualities: he is kind and sensitive, but he is also very cheerful and ready to cooperate with his owner. The Golden is a balanced and sincere dog, very suitable for being together thanks to its great emotionality.

The character of the Golden Retriever is that of a charming, sweet, kind, affectionate, and intelligent dog. His relationship with people is very close, trustworthy, and friendly.

2. Iron health

The Golden Retriever is a breed of dog that enjoys excellent health: it is a very long-lived animal, which does not require special care and which is easy to manage, especially by its splendid character that makes it a perfect dog for both singles and for a large family.

3. They are extremely sociable dogs

Their keen emotional intelligence makes Golden Retrievers dogs capable of flawlessly interacting with humans. For this reason, they are not dogs that should guard sheds or warehouses or, worse, live in isolated environments. It is in the midst of people and in stimulating environments that their wonderful ability to socialize comes out.

4. Extraordinary learning skills

Golden Retrievers are very flexible dogs who can learn to be comfortable both in an apartment and in different contexts, such as a large house with a garden. Thanks to their versatility, they can adapt and fit quickly into the human environment and quickly learn any type of task.

5. They are excellent sportsmen

As if what has been said so far weren’t enough, Golden Retrievers are also perfect dogs for sports: sport becomes an opportunity for them to play, a reason to compete healthily, and interact with humans. Their great emotion makes them perfect playmates for both adults and children.

6. Great companion dogs of all time.

If what you want is a companion dog, then yes, the Golden Retriever is the right choice, especially if there are children or teenagers in the family who can spend a lot of time with the dog.

7. Great sense of smell

The golden retriever has a fantastic sense of smell that is superior to most other dogs.

8. They are children lovers

They are also known to be a very suitable breed for children and have proven to be very active, energetic, playful, affectionate, and protective.   

9. They have a remarkable ability to communicate efficiently.

Its behavior highlights his ability to communicate with gestures, sounds, and body attitudes, always aimed at capturing the attention of his family; it can even be comical.

10. They are beautifully made.

The color of its fur will darken with age and is similar to the color on the tips of its ears as a puppy.

11. They have good relationships with other dogs

It is extremely friendly with other animals and will learn to play well even if you keep a cat at home.

12. It has all-around attributes that are overwhelming.

The golden retriever is intelligent, with an innate ability for work, is affectionate, caring, dedicated, and loyal. He is very docile, friendly, and confident. He is kind and confident.

Cons of the golden retriever

  1. Not suitable if your lifestyle doesn’t approach that of the Golden Retriever. 

While each breed has its own character, Golden Retrievers are usually very active dogs that need frequent exercises and lots of play. If you are an active person who enjoys sports and outdoor activities, the Golden may be the dog for you. If, on the other hand, you are a quieter and more sedentary person, perhaps this breed is not the best for you, and you will need to opt for a calmer dog.

  1. Not a guard dog 

If you are looking for a guard dog, it is not good to adopt a Golden Retriever. The German Shepherd, the Rottweiler, the Belgian Malinois, and the Doberman are good watchdogs. Golden Retrievers are very sociable dogs and are not afraid to approach strangers to play with them. And this tells you that they are not good watchdogs.

  1. Are you a freak of order and cleanliness?

If you are a clean freak – one of those people who like to see shiny apartments, impeccably clean carpets, and neat clothes – the Golden Retriever will cause you many headaches. On the one hand, they are very playful dogs who enjoy playing, even in water, puddles, or mud. This means that you will often find yourself taking an extra bath to your Golden. And bear in mind that in unpredictable moments you may find yourself cleaning carpets, your car or your clothes, and all this because of your dog. 

  1. They shed a lot of hair.

On the other hand, they are dogs that shed a lot of hair. Even by combing it every day, you can find dog hair all over the house. If you think you can’t handle all of this, we can confirm that the Golden Retriever is not the dog for you.

  1. They are object breakers.

One final aspect to consider to help you find a comprehensive answer to “why get a Golden Retriever?”, But not least, is that the Golden Retriever is a large, active dog that can inadvertently break objects. This will imply that you will have to rearrange the arrangement of the items in the house or otherwise suffer from some object’s loss.

  1. Goldens are not suitable for someone who suffer from dog allergy?

If someone in your family has a dog allergy, then it will be a bad idea to bring a Golden Retriever indoors due to the amount of hair they will shed each day.

If, despite the allergy, you still want to get a dog and everyone in the house agrees with you, look for a type of hypoallergenic dog, i.e., those dogs that do not shed as in the case of the poodle. Check out our list of the best dog breeds for allergy sufferers and adopt the one that suits your needs and lifestyle.

  1. They need a lot of time.

As you may already know, Golden Retrievers need lots of affection and companionship. They are not dogs to be left alone all day, for example, when you go to work. If you leave a Golden Retriever alone all day, he will surely bark, dig in the garden, bite on plants or furniture. If there is no one to look after him while you are away from home, opt for another more independent breed type, or find other solutions.

  1. They require a whole lot of training.

 Dog training takes time and a lot of dedication. You don’t train a dog in a few weeks or even in occasional sessions. Although Golden Retrievers have a reputation for being obedient and easy to train dogs, you will need time, dedication, persistence, and patience to educate your dog. If you want to rely on a trainer, indeed, at some point, you will have to learn to keep him under control and continue to practice training techniques so that he does not forget what he has learned with you.

  1. They are food eaters and are costly to manage.

A Golden Retriever weighs approximately 30 pounds. He is not a small dog, and he needs a lot of food. In addition, you will have to consider planned and unexpected veterinary expenses, the purchase of collars and leashes, toys (which will need to be changed as they break), dog beds, and certainly some extra items. Before you bring your puppy or adult dog home, you will need to make sure you have the money you need to be able to support the pet. 

Consult with people who already have a dog of this breed in their home to find out how much it will cost you to keep a Golden Retriever.

  1. They are too playful?

Golden are dogs that follow people all the time, even if they are not dogs that bond with only one owner. Now you know that the Golden Retriever will follow you everywhere, whether it’s in the kitchen or bathroom. If you think this might bother you, the Golden is not the dog for you. A Basenji or an Afghan hound will be better alternatives because they are more independent dogs.

  1. They are active dogs who need spacious surroundings.

If you live in a regular or small apartment, you can quickly get a Golden, but you will have to spend a lot of time with it with walks and games. Also, consider the impression of your neighbors.


In conclusion, we discover that golden retrievers are extraordinary pets, and they are very easy to train. They learn commands and tricks with enthusiasm and are very attentive when their master orders them to obey them very well. This is especially perfect for inexperienced dog owners because they can quickly grow into their new role with such a dog.

They are a great friend who loves companionship and likes to cuddle. Whether long walks, hikes, retrieval, or agility, the golden retriever is there with everything immediately, and with great pleasure, the Golden Retriever can be one of the best companions you will know.

After reading this article on why getting a Golden Retriever – pros and cons, are you willing to share your life with one of them? If the answer is yes, remember that the kennels are full of adults who are eager to be welcomed into the home to receive all the love they are willing to give.