When you’re bringing home a new kitten home, there are a few things that you should prep beforehand. This will help make for a smooth introduction to your home and will ensure that you’ve got everything you need to keep your new kitten happy and healthy.

Everything your new kitten needs

Following this checklist will ensure that you’ve got everything you need when you bring your new kitten home for the first time.

Litter box

Before bringing a new kitten home, you’ll need to prep the litter box area. Find the right spot in your home where the kitten will be able to get to the litter box easily and where it won’t make much mess. A hard floor is the easiest to clean up, but you could also put a towel underneath the litter box on the carpet if need be.


  • Litter box
  • Cat litter
  • Scooper

Cat Food

Be sure to have some kitten-appropriate cat food available when your new kitten comes home for the first time. Most cat food brands label their packaging to make it clear if their food is kitten specific. You could get dry food or wet food, but make sure that it is a reputable brand that will keep your new kitty healthy.


  • Cat food
  • Food bowl
  • Water bowl

Cat Treats

Training new kittens is tough but extremely important work. Having cat treats handy will make the training process go a little smoother. They’re great to use as a reward when your kitten uses the litter box appropriately or follows any commands that you give it.


  • Cat treats

Cat Toys

Cat toys come in all shapes and sizes. Kittens love to play with small toys that jingle or that are filled with catnip. They are easy to toss around and enjoy anywhere in the house. As kittens grow up, they also need a good place to scratch so that they don’t destroy your furniture. Getting a cat scratching post or cat tree will help extend the life of your furniture.


  • Cat toys
  • Cat scratching post
  • Cat tree (you can wait until they’re a little older if you would like)

Cat bed

Unless you plan to let your new kitten sleep on the sofas and in bed with you, you’ll need to buy a cat bed. This will give the kitten somewhere warm to snuggle up when they get tired. It will also help them stay warm during the winter months. If you do let your kitten sleep on the sofa or in bed with you, consider buying them a blanket so that you can easily wash it and keep the area clean.


  • Cat bed
  • Cat blanket

Cat carrier

Once you get a kitten, you need to consider vet visits. When transporting your cat to and from the vet, you will need a safe and durable cat carrier to use in your vehicle. This will help keep the inside of your vehicle clean and will ensure the safety of your kitten during transportation.


  • Cat carrier

Cleaning supplies

Even if you have everything thoroughly prepped, the new kitten will make a mess. Cats are great pets, but they do come with some clean-up. Make sure that you have a vacuum or broom to pick up the fur when they shed. Also, get some disinfectant spray and rags to clean up the area around their litter box. If you have carpet, consider getting some stain remover in case they have an accident while they are litter box training.

  • Disinfectant spray
  • Vacuum or broom
  • Carpet stain remover