About SureLoc Pet Carriers

The SureLoc History

Jack pug, had a checkup scheduled at the vet on a hot, humid, rainy day in August. It was torrentially downpouring rain, and we wanted to make our appointment on time. The kids and I began the long and arduous process of getting Jack into his pet carrier. With lots of love, treats, sweating, and the occasional curse word, (by me), he was zipped in and set to go. I placed him on the back seat of the car, and I proceeded to strap him in with the seatbelt. I spent nearly ten minutes looping the belt through the front and sides of his carrier, with less patience, and much more sweat. Finally, Jack and his carrier were safely in the car. Next came the kids. We had just washed the car, and the kid’s seats were on the garage floor.

In contrast to struggling to make sure Jack pug was secure in the car, I grabbed the kid’s car seats. Click, Click. Without even thinking, the seats were quickly, safely, and securely installed. It was at this moment when something clicked in the back of my brain. I thought to myself, “Why can’t pet carriers use the same safety system that keeps my kids safe?” I thought about it for a while and reached out to an entrepreneurial friend with an engineering degree. He loved the idea! Fast forward to our new product, SureLoc Pet Carriers. It incorporates the world’s safest attachment system in our line of pet carriers, allowing our customers to buckle in their pets, just like they do with their car seats. SureLoc Pet Carries is the ONLY pet carrier in the world utilizing the international standard attachment points for child safety seats in passenger vehicles.

What We Have Done

In September 2003, Federal law mandated every auto manufacturer must build back seat anchors in every passenger vehicle made to accommodate the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children, also known as “LATCH,” to attach car seats safely. Our patent utilizes these anchors used on children’s car seats to safely and securely anchor your pet carrier in the back of a vehicle as an alternative to using a seat belt designed for humans.
Currently, the only way to attach a pet carrier is to loop the seat belt around and through the pet carrier and lock the belt into the seat belt receiver. It is cumbersome, timely, and not very secure. Our system uses the quick release latches found on children’s car seats, building them into the feet of the pet carrier. Thus, allowing a pet carrier utilizing LATCH to be quickly anchored to the back seat of a vehicle in the same manner as a child’s car seat.

Your pet's safety is in your control. Why settle for less?

Simplest pet carrier on the market to install and remove from your vehicle

The only pet carrier using the government-approved, patented, anchoring system for children’s car seats

Available in two sizes and several colors for pets up to 22lbs

Airline Approved

Easy to carry with a padded shoulder strap or carry handle

Large mesh windows with roll away privacy covers


Non-slip feet

Available in several colors

SureLoc instructions

– See below instructions on how to install & remove the SureLoc Carrier –

Installing Carrier
Because of our unique design of concealing, the latch in the feet installation is a snap. First, squeeze the release button on the outside of each foot under the carrier. Next, slide the release forward to extend the attachment arms until a click is heard on each foot, positively locking the LATCH in place, ready to use. Lastly, align the carrier with the anchors in the backseat of the vehicle and press to secure. Remember, hearing a click on both sides confirms a correct connection.
Removing Carrier

Lift the carrier as far as it will go. Squeeze to release one of the quick release clips on the side of the foot. Manually retract the latches home to hide it away in the foot. Repeat for the other latch.

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